The Baltimore Waltz

By Blue Heart Theatre (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 20, 2015

Winner of numerous awards, this innovative play is a serious comedy that traces the European odyssey of Anna and her brother Carl, in search of hedonistic pleasure and a cure for her terminal illness. But when they get there, nothing is as it seems.

Why is Carl always in his pyjamas? Who is the mysterious Third Man? And why do none of their holiday snaps look anything like the places they visit? 

The play was Vogel's response to the 1988 death of her brother Carl, who died from complications due to AIDS.

This is the first play to be produced by an exciting Irish/American/English new company of talented actors, directors who are planning to present unsung existing work from all three countries and new work relevant to the times we live in.


The play has strong language and adult themes and may not be suitable for people under 14

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